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I'm back..and I have a few comments

First of all, we had a wonderful time camping in northern California, Shrek and I. I have plenty to say and lots of pics but had to work these 4 night shifts first. I want to comment about this photo, taken in 1973, of my family. I'm the little dorkette on my dad's lap. Please note something about my lovely Mommy. She is completely and totally perfectly accessorized. She has the owl necklace (she collected owls) and if you look close she is wearing a white leather belt with a butterfly clasp. I remember this belt, I used to put it on and stick my gut out to keep it up. I was a chubby little kid so I didn't have to try very hard. Ok..back to my Mom. Her hair was perfect as was her make-up. I just want to say that since we weren't biologically related I'm going to say that I didn't inherit her genes for outfit preparation, but I do have so many lovely memories of watching her get ready to go out. I miss you Mom!

Ohh Em Geee!

Just when I thought I was out..they pull me back that movie. Yes that's right, I logged back on to facebook..I am such a freaking LOSER

End of an Era

So Shrek's beloved Pink Floyd jammies finally gave up the ghost. They had a hole in the crotch..and well you know what I had to do...grab it and rip the pants to shreds. Than I did the same to his ancient Old Navy T...and used the remnants to dress him like a pirate..cod piece and all!