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42 Years, 11 months and 15 days

That's how old my Mom was on the day she died. Mom was born October 13, 1945 and died September 28, 1988. Today, I am 42 Years, 11 months and 7 days old. The idea that in 8 days I will be as old as my Mom ever was is kinda freaking me out. When she died, I was 16, and of course she seemed old even though I knew she wasn't. But now I am her age, and unless I get hit by a truck or the rapture happens, I will grow older than she did. Thinking of that is a huge dose of her reality versus what mine is. She was dying when she was my age, and had been for a couple years.  Me, I don't think I'm dying, not any faster than any other healthy person.  I should be very grateful for my reality.  I am a slow runner, but can run 5 miles and at worst have a sore big toe on my left food (true story). Be thankful for all you have, grateful that you are healthy enough to know what you don't have, and humble enough to remember there are those that see the end of their lif