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Truths that pictures tell

I do not usually post things like this but it's been on my mind off and on.  The fact that I feel that I cannot be honest on my own blog because it's not nice or proper or might hurt someone's feelings.  I already guard my posts on FB and Insta just to be sure I do not harm anyone's delicate littler feelers.
But I decided after getting bored enough to scroll TikTok that if people can make videos of what ever ails them, I can certainly post to a blog that nobody reads.

I was married before.  It lasted from 1990 to 2009.  I was 18 when we got married and he was 38.  He had two little boys that he had full custody of; we did not have children of our own.  It started off all well and good, and full of hope but it did not stay that way.  It was not a good marriage.  Or at least the last 10 years of it was not.  I know now, that for at least the last seven years of it my former spouse was cheating.  Before that he was just a controlling narcissistic bully.  I will call him …

Protein Brownies Review

First of all I am not trying or wanting to be a blogger that is touting their idealistic lifestyle nor do I want to be an influencer.  I am just a person who likes to blog and share a small glimpse of my imperfect life.   I am saying all of that because I am posting unedited pictures of my cooking.  Most of my pictures are un-edited.  I crop to keep certain details out of pictures.  Like I cropped a couple of these photos so you cannot see the chipped countertop on the edge of my stove.  Come to think of it I shouldn't have cropped that.  I cannot be the only person who has a chipped countertop.  Oh well


I did some online shopping at Target.  I miss Target.  I mean I really really miss Target, it is one of my very favorite stores.  When we are not in a pandemic I love that I can order online and walk in a pick it up.  It keeps me from experiencing the bloated cart that comes from cruising Target aisles.

I wanted some baked goods but I did not want to waddle after the end o…

Perfect WFH Shoes!

When I turned 40, 7 years ago, I promised myself I would stop wearing shoes that hurt my feet.  That was difficult at first because the kids were still kids and the budget was tighter, so buying a decent pair of Dansko or Cob Hill sandals or heels for work meant I had to choose very wisely.  Now that the budget is a bit roomier and I have had seven years; I have amassed a nice selection of comfortable shoes for work and for hime.  
These past three weeks of working from home presented different challenges.  My slippers do not work because it is springtime in Oregon, so while it is chilly in the morning and evening, during the day in the house, the lined slippers where just too much.
I tried my Furoshiki wrap shoes, which I usually wear post gym or workout.  Those worked well for temperature but the Vibram soles were not conducive to my habit of working with a leg tucked under me.  It just felt weird.  
Since I am an avowed shoe whore and DSW has had so many lovely coupons and sales t…

Penny in Repose

Penny spends a great deal of time in repose.  Our dog lives a peaceful life; which I think she should