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Frenemy perhaps

My parents had a next door neighbor when I was in high school.  Her name was , lets call her Chris.  I'm sure I bugged the hell out of her.  She had no children of her own and I saw her as a cool chick who I wanted to emulate.  As I've gotten older I have a similar relationship with some girls that could be my daughter age wise, and remind myself how delicate their little egos and persons are. Chris helped me in many ways.  She helped me cope with my mom's illness and death, she taught me new ideas and gave me a safe haven.  After her divorce, my mom's death, and my marriage we continued to stay in each other's lives. What ended it all was a long New Years Eve of drinking in the mid 90's.  She came over to my home.  It was just her and I and Tim.  She brought her own bottle of rum and daiquiri mix, I was drinking rum and coke with Tim.  We basically got smashed.  And with each drink refill Tim and her became more and more chummy.  I remember at one point cr

Ahh November, lets all be thanfkful

Today, November 1st, I am grateful for opposable thumbs. Lets be honest without opposable thumbs we humans would be screwed.  We share opposable digits with other primates as well as the Giant Panda and some other animals.  But by far we have done more with our opposable thumbs than the monkeys and the pandas have. Because of this wonderful anatomical digital detail I can put my thumb in my nose, your nose, the dogs eye and probably my own butt, but I have never put my thumb in anybody's butt.  Just a little information for future reference....bacongal is not butt thumber!