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Daily Goal

April 5, 2008 my darling Dad died. He died suddenly and unexpectedly while doing yard work. I spoke at his funeral. I was scared to do so, not being a big fan of public speaking, but there were things that needed to be said, that only I could do. One of the things I talked about what that everyday of my life I try to be like my Dad was. He had a gift of kindness and he shared it with the world. In the past two years I have focused what my parents taught me into three life rules Love like you mean it~Love is very powerful and can change the world around you Live like you mean it~This isn't a new age statement about staying in the moment, it means to be happy and grateful for who you are and where you are in life Pray like you mean it~That's what all of us should be doing! So it's LLYMI, LLYMI, PLYMI

A Star Is Born (1976)

I bought a movie on Itunes the other day. It was very hot here, in the 99-100 degree range, which is not normal for the Portland area. We get about 5-7 days a year that are in the high 90's and they make news. So I was very tired of sitting in the living room with girl and boy kidlet, watching the 9,000th episode of SpongeBob or some such other nonsense and retreated to my bedroom. I wasn't mad or irritated, just needed some space to sprawl. So I cranked the ceiling fan up and laid down on the bed in the dark to watch some television. I found a movie that I remember watching as a 12 year old. "Author, Author", it's a Al Pacino film about a father with a mixed bag of kids/step kids who is also a play write. I loved it. It gave me that homey safe feeling of being a kid again. I loved the early 80's fashions, and the chance to remember the feel and smell of my parents house on rainy afternoons after school. But than the pickings got a little slim, so I

What a difference a year can make

Last July 4 I met Riddick face to face, after "meeting" on e-harmony. He picked me up from working a 12 hour graveyard shift and took me to breakfast. I should specify that I was the person who had worked the shift, and I'm sure I looked it too. But he showed up at my work at 6 am and loaded my bike up and drove me for breakfast. I was very nervous, that's probably an understatement, I'm quite sure I came off a little stuckup, I sometimes do because it's easy to mistake shyness for aloof. In that short 8 days that we had known eachother online only we had been very honest with eachother. There wasn't one thing we told eachother online that wasn't true. After our early dates, I would go home, and we would both get online and talk about things, saying things to eachother that we were too scared to say face to face. I slowly told him all my pain, but he was very up front with his. Riddick is always better at putting words to exactly what he feels,