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What a difference a year can make

Last July 4 I met Riddick face to face, after "meeting" on e-harmony.

He picked me up from working a 12 hour graveyard shift and took me to breakfast. I should specify that I was the person who had worked the shift, and I'm sure I looked it too.

But he showed up at my work at 6 am and loaded my bike up and drove me for breakfast.

I was very nervous, that's probably an understatement, I'm quite sure I came off a little stuckup, I sometimes do because it's easy to mistake shyness for aloof.

In that short 8 days that we had known eachother online only we had been very honest with eachother. There wasn't one thing we told eachother online that wasn't true.

After our early dates, I would go home, and we would both get online and talk about things, saying things to eachother that we were too scared to say face to face.

I slowly told him all my pain, but he was very up front with his. Riddick is always better at putting words to exactly what he feels, even though I talk way more than he does.


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