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Since when were we competing?

Women don't need to compete.  We really don't.  It doesn't matter who is the prettiest or thinnest in the room.  Because under neath it all we are all women.  We face the same insecurities, the same challenges, the same aches and pains and skin conditions.  I'm not better than anyone else because I'm married.  I would be just as awesome if I was single.  I'm not less than any other women because I wear a size 12 jeans and have short legs.  I would have the same body issues if I wore a 8 or 6, it's just a number, and my legs won't grow anymore! How clean my house is, is only a reflection of how much time I have on my hands, not of my self worth. The color of my hair and the presence or absence of gray plays to part of who I am.  Straight or curly, it's all just hair. Big boob, I got em, little boobs I want em, but it's all just my outside, it doesn't reflect my heart.   There are enough people in the world that like to bring othe