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When I'm working days

I work 12 hour shifts, 5:30 to 5:30, varying between nights and days, on a set patter. Each rotation lasts 3 weeks and I work 14 shifts. My last 4 shifts of each rotation are 4 day shifts Monday through Thursday. They are hellish. The office is busy, people are talking, I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn (4 AM) and I struggle through them, yawning away. What I think about while I'm working, actually more of a fanatical planning and researching, is what I want to cook or bake the next week. I look of recipes, coordinate them with sale ads and coupons to stay on budget, think of special days coming up. So far on my list of what I want to cook for the next week: Shrimp ceviche Roasted corn salsa Smoked turkey Sweet corn tomallito Chocolate cream pie Roasted garlic shrimp I see a pattern with corn and roasted. I want a pepper roaster, how's that for random
These two are cousins. My dog, the famous Mrs. Maya and Sido's dog Paislie Jean. For as much as they are alike they are different. They both love water but only Maya bites the hose like a maniac. Both love tennis balls but Paislie is still struggling with the sharing thing. Mostly what I feel when I see them is happiness that even my dog has someone to play with. We all need play mates


Two years ago today, I met my husband face to face. We had “met” online via E-harmony and been emailing and met for breakfast on the 4th of July, after one of my night shifts. The first meeting was funny, but that’s not the point of my note today. In reflection of what has happened in my life over the past two years the short description of it is a total transformation. Let those words sink in, total transformation. People that knew me than, see the difference. I was enduring a horrible marriage that I was settling for and it had left me broken. My Dad told me a long time ago that if someone knocks you down all you have to do is stand back up. Well, I didn’t think I could stand up. My parents were gone, and even though I had friends that loved me, it was all I could do to get out of bed in the morning. None of us never really knows what’s going on in anybody else’s marriage. We only see the reactions of the spouses not the underlying issues. If you think that you know w