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Hello Mr. Finger

Riddick hurt himself at work, something about a fingernail being ripped off by an errant screw and than I blacked out. He was trying to sleep and I was in that annoying place I go to when I'm so tired I can't sleep and I get stupid silly. At the start of the clip he is ignoring me. So I do the most adult thing I can to get his attention. I bit his armpit. Watch and learn

Morning bird

My morning coffee sitting next to mrs. Maya and watching this little beauty. Make it a great day!

My family

Ironman, Riddick, and Pinkie at their finest, not posing just existing. I love them all very much.
My three favorite men. Python, Papadon, and Riddick. I love them all and am grateful for each one of them. Father's day isn't as easy now that my sweet Daddy is gone, but as long as I carry him in my heart he is with me.

Forgiveness ala Elizabeth Smart

Surprisingly so "People" magazine had a nice small article on Elizabeth Smart and her forgiveness of the two monsters that kidnapped her. I'm going to paraphrase, although it is very close to a quote. Elizabeth said that she has forgiven him but that doesn't mean she's going to hang out with him or write him supporting letters. I love this statement. Her description of forgiveness is right on. So many people confuse forgiveness with acceptance, they are very different things. I have forgiven the whore monger that I was married to. That doesn't mean I accept that there was any excuse for his actions, nor does it mean that I want him anywhere in my life. My forgiveness of his hurtful actions mean that he isn't allowed to harm me anymore with the choices he made. It's like putting a computer virus in a "quarantine". It's away from your OS, it can't trip up your PC, but it's never allowed back into the fold. Don'


Many days I pray for Kyron Horman. I should pray for him everyday, but I forget, a poor excuse but a true one. I don't know where he is, I don't know if he is alive, I only know that his family is in a world of pain that I cannot fathom. They are getting up and going through their days, waiting and hoping, but hoping for one answer, while knowing the answer may be painful. I also don't know if Terri Horman had anything to do with her step-son's disappearance. That is unthinkable for someone like me, a step-parent, that she would harm a child put in her care and life by marriage. My own thought, if Terri did attempt to hire someone to kill her husband did she inadvertently allow a killer into her life, did she start the fall of dominoes that led to that sweet little boy being taken. I don't know. I pray for you Kyron, your parents, and siblings, and all those that love you. And I pray for Terri, please, tell the truth. Truth is the only thing that w