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I am not there, I did not die

Today my heart is heavy.  People I love are in pain.  They are facing something I have faced but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch it unfold.  Their pain is palpable.  I’m reminded of my parents, knowing what my friends will face in the near future. I do not know why my parents are dead.  I do not know why my neighbor’s mother is dying as we speak from ALS.   I do know that we all have a time that we leave this earth for the afterlife, when our souls leave the confines of our human shape.  I know that there is a God, because I see his hand in this Earth and our bodies, and feel him with me. But what decides our time, and why that time is chosen, that’s my question and I think source of discomfort.  It’s too easy to say the good die young, I’m sure there are plenty of nasty people that die every day.  But to us, when we lose someone we love, and worse yet, watch them waste away and die, it only seems that the good die young.  We are deprived of their pre
Things that bug the holy crap out of 1.  People saying "mosh gosh" to express that they will be doing something soon. 2.  The mis-use of "their", "there" or "they're" 3.  Men that tuck their shirts into their underwear, so you see their undie band above their pant waist 4.  The words "mosh gosh" uttered in any context 5.  That pain in the ass Jeep Wrangler at 4:35 this morning that felt the need to drive in the snowy inside lane and vomited wet snow and gravel all over the other two lanes