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Live like you mean it

Yesterday my friend Julie left me a text message, that would bring dread to anybody..."Did you hear". Now understand. Julie is not someone who would text you if she heard juicy gossip, in fact she's known for NEVER repeating stuff. When I got divorced, she had the class to ask me if she could tell people. And I appreciated that. I already trusted her judgement, knowing whatever she did would be out of love and concern for me, and she would never gossip about me. But that she asked, let me know that my trust in her was well put. Back to my point. Yesterday she told me about a co-worker. Julie and I are co-workers, but more importantly she is my friend. And there is a difference, don't let anybody tell you there isn't. Our co-worker, Ed, died. Very suddenly, over a weekend basically. He was always at work, working later than others. He worked hard at a job he didn't always like for one reason..His family. To support them and give them a life that he wanted for t

My nephey...JB

JB is pretty awesome. We went shooting with a group from the church last weekend and he loved it. I always appreciate it when a young person wants to try something new, listens to your input, and than puts their own skills to use. I love him, he rocks!  

I'm kind of Hardcore...

How much of a Hardcore Oregonian are you? 1. I've visited Timberline Lodge~yes 2. I've picked blackberries.~yes 3. I've visited Fort Clatsop.~yes 4. I've sat around a bonfire on an Oregon coast beach.~yes 5. I've visited the Oregon Country Fair.~not yet 6. I've seen a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.~no 7. I've seen a Portland Trail Blazers game live.~yes 8. I've attended a Civil War football game.~god no 9. I've visited Bonneville Dam.~yup 10. I've visited the Capitol building in Salem.~yes 11. I've walked part of the Oregon Trail.~walked, biked and camped 12. I've visited Crater Lake.~yes 13. I've visited Multnomah Falls.~yes 14. I've visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory.~yes 15. I've visited the Wallowa Mountains.~yes 16. I feel depressed when I see a fresh clear-cut.~oh yes 17. I've hunted game.~yes 18. I know where Celilo Falls used to be.~yes 19. I've seen "Drugstore Cowboy."~yes 20. I own some

So much of what I feel, this song says

I never thought I would be married again. I actually never thought I would divorce. I though, prayed, hoped, begged and dreamed that miraculously my former husband would change his ways, and our marriage could continue. I wasn't happy, but I though it was good enough just not be be actively miserable. What a fool I was. I prayed everyday for someone like Riddick. I didn't know him. I didn't know what he would look like, or sound like. I just knew that if it was God's plan that I marry again, I wanted it to be right. This song reminds me of some of the things I feel when I look at Riddick. Not all the things, that would take a novel, but at least the wish that I wouldn't have had to struggle through all that I did, before feeling what I do.

I cried the day that George Harrison died

Just thought I should say that. It's the only time that I cried when a famous person died. I was saddened by the death of Christopher Reeve and very sad that his lovely wife, Dana died a few years later. But George's music touches me. I love the Beatles. But his solo music touches me more deeply. I was born too late to experience his albums real time, but I loved them years later when I found them. Give me Love...lyrics below Give me love Give me love Give me peace on earth Give me light Give me life Keep me free from birth Give me hope Help me cope, with this heavy load Trying to, touch and reach you with, heart and soul OM M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M My Lord... PLEASE take hold of my hand, that I might understand you Won't you please Oh won't you Give me love Give me love Give me peace on earth Give me light Give me life Keep me free from birth Give me hope Help me cope, with this heavy load Trying to, touch and reach you with, heart and soul OM M M M M M M

This is my new niece!

Ok, so she has four legs and lots of hair, she's still family! Her name is Paislie, and she's a doll. It makes me want a puppy. Her litter mate to be exact. But Riddick isn't on board, and to be honest, he's right. Our life is full enough with Mrs. Maya, aka mining dog, scuba dog, camping dog..whatever activity we do, she's down with that baby. Just bring snacks and have a place for her to nap! Make it a great day!


I don't know why campfires are so special to me. I didn't grow up camping. My folks didn't have the camping equipment and never had the money to go out and get it. But they loved to hike. I remember lots of drives out to different parks or the coast, and than walks and explorations. I also remember this foul stuff called "sandwhich spread", which I believe is a satanic combination of mayonnaise and relish. Mom would put it on bologna sammies. I think that's why I always ate mine dry. Plain Jane is what my parents called me. I've never been much of a condiment girl. Last night at Fred's Riddick was expounding on the qualities of Beaver brand condiments over other brands, I smiled lovingly and patted his yummy backside. Oh but I digress. Campfires are my favorite part of camping. There is a sense of togetherness and comfort when sitting outside around a fire that I don't feel, even inside in front of the fireplace. Our friends, Carlsinna

Oregon Saguaro

Did you know that there is a large cacti native to the northern Willamette Valley of Oregon? There is, it lives in our front yard. Before it was a cactus, it was a tree, a big big tree Big enough to lift the sidewalk, driveway, and litter all over two roofs and 4 cars. It had been allowed to grow too big. We'll miss it, but it was time.

Tale of a tick..

Needless to say, after driving 5 hours to Happy Camp, and having worked the night before, and setting up camp, and staying up late around the campfire, at least until my fear of big foot drove me to the tent... I was a tired pup So I slept late the next day. When I emerged from the tent, I found my loving husband, Riddick, standing very near the fire, with his pants askew, trying to rid himself of a tick. Now I ask you...what purpose in this world to ticks serve? I was picking them off my dog for a week. And Riddick got two, I escaped unscathed. The only thing that Maya (aka mining dog) and Riddick have in common is brush. She walked and slept in it, he walked through it to build his lucky wife a nice fire every night and morning. Here's his nasty tick bite on his side... And here's what I got when I tried to take a picture of the other bite location..

Dumping of the ...well..umm

The "waste". Riddick was kind enough to bring us a porta potty and a small portable "out house" that goes with it, if I would have thought about it, I should have taken a pic of it. But mid-week we had to venture to town to dump it. Well I ventured, but I didn't dump it Here is the lovely RV dump in Happy Camp ...where dreams go to die Don't worry Riddick isn't dumping yet..just attempting to access the tube. It was so bad..not even Maya could look

A couple of my favorite places to sit...

While Riddick is mining. I'm in charge of visual documentation...not shovel operation My favorite made a nice chair, to drink my coffee But the chair was better. Please note the mining dog..asleep at the wheel


Anyone know what that means.....Little Brown Mushroom Any number of small, dull-colored shrooms found growing all over..not necessarily edible, but isn't it purdy

These two were once one...

Milky quartz..according to wikipedia, which we all know is never wrong **wink**.. is the most common of quartz. But to me, it was beautiful. I loved picking through all the rocks on the bar and finding different ones. Collecting lots of them everyday, putting them into the pocket of the tent, annoying Riddick (just a side benefit) But these two...were once one, and it broke, and fell into siblings

Sampling..part 2

After filling each of the pans. Riddick walks them down to the river and begins the process of washing the material down. He wants to settle out the sediment from the rock. The top pan is screened, so that as he uses the river water to agitate the material the sediment drops through the screen and into the pan below. Gold is very dense, therefore it's greater weight causes it to fall to the bottom of all the concentrated sediment...usually just called concentrate. Once Riddick screens all the rock out, he checks the top screen pan for large chunks of rose quartz, garnet, or if we are lucky enough a big old chuck of gold! Than he uses the bottom pan and starts the process of panning it out for the gold. Riddick done filling a sample pan.. Taking it to the river.. And start washing..note mining dog And more washing

Sampling...Part 1

The first process Riddick showed me was the method to test different areas of soil for gold..or "color" Because the area around the Klamath river has already been mined industrially during the gold rush in the late 1800's, there are lots of areas to check. Basically he selects an area. Digs some soil and rock from the different layers that have been developed over time. Washes them and pans them to see if he can find any gold. It's a slow process. It takes knowledge and skill and a combination of strength for the digging and hauling of equipment and a deft hand at panning. Hauling equipment..this is just the last trip..note mining dog Maya Next break up the hole.. Look at the different levels of soil. As you descend deeper the layers change from rock and sand to packed clay. Gold can run in veins throughout any of these, and it's important to sample from each layer, and track what you find. Fill the screened pan, atop a solid pan

This is Happy Camp!

Happy Camp is a small community located in northern California, in the mythical state of Jefferson. Portions of Southern Oregon and Northern California have a desire to become their own state, Jefferson. For lots of reasons I don't know, and won't try and discuss, but basically they feel that neither place is represented by their respective state capitols and lawmakers located hundreds of miles away. Anyhoo..about Happy Camp It's beautiful. Right along the Klamath. Their chamber of commerce has a great deal of helpful information. And yes, they have had lots of big foot sightings..but I didn't see any

The start of our Gold Mining trip, March 2010

I worked all night, getting off work at 5:30 AM. Home, Riddick (he doesn't like "Shrek" so from here on, he's Riddick, an ode to one of his fav movies) had us all packed up and away we went. I crashed and slept a few hours somewhere south of Albany. When I awoke, we were nearing Grants Pass! Needed to make a quick stop at the mining store, and at Denny's, we needed lunch after all. Doesn't the Rogue look like a yuppie cross with the Clampett's? I was very proud of my little Nissan..quite the camping trooper And next we were back in the car..on our way to Happy Camp, California..which by the way is a hub of big foot sightings!

Good Friday..memories of fish

I was raised catholic. I migrated away from the church in my teens. Moving to an evangelical church, motivated by my acceptance of Christ at 12. I don't think my Dad was completely on board with the whole thing, but really, he let me go to a Christian summer camp, what did he think was going to happen. So for years I lived a double life, catachism and mass on Sunday, and youth group at a Christian church during the week. Until I started driving, and than I'd go to two church services on Sunday. And to be perfectly honest I was happy. I enjoyed that much fellowship and the church as a whole, Catholic of other, is a home for me. I should make it very clear that to me the Catholic church was a place of comfort and safety. I never experienced any abuse, and I have nothing by sorrow and sympathy, and anger about, the abuse suffered by so many others. On Good Friday at St. Patrick's church we had a fish feed. Earlier in the day there was fish sandwiches at school for &quo