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Today's list of what is on my mind

1: Will our society survive ourselves

2: Do we even deserve to survive; why are we, as a country, society, still not understanding why hate has no place in our hearts.

3: Protesting doesn't include riots

4. Protesting doesn't include looting/rioting

5: Free persons protest; criminals loot/riot

6: Protesters are not criminals because they protest; two different groups of people; not to be judged as one

7: My mom scolded me harshly for ever using the word "hate" said about a person or group.

8: Many of us are tired; exhausted; tired of anxiety about illness and exhausted by grief.

9: I want to go to the forest

10: I want to go to the ocean

11: I want people to value other people; you don't have to like everyone or agree with them, just accept they are equal.

12: Black Lives Matter.