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Peanut Butter bastard

Last week I received a out of the blue yet welcome email from Prissy, stating she would be in town for Missy's Phd defense and would love to get together.  She, now living in a land locked state that I won't name, except it's popular with Mormons, decided we would meet in Newport. Riddick and I had limited time, like as in 30 hours...but we were excited for the time we had with her. We all walked and talked, met her new love...all was good.  On our way home I wanted to get some peanut butter taffy, because I love peanut butter taffy. Now, 27 pieces of taffy later, I can't poop to save my life.  I feel like I have a taffy demon lodged in my bum and oh it's not fun. I will not post pics, but send me some cleansing thoughts so I can release the demon