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Truths that pictures tell

I do not usually post things like this but it's been on my mind off and on.  The fact that I feel that I cannot be honest on my own blog because it's not nice or proper or might hurt someone's feelings.  I already guard my posts on FB and Insta just to be sure I do not harm anyone's delicate littler feelers. But I decided after getting bored enough to scroll TikTok that if people can make videos of what ever ails them, I can certainly post to a blog that nobody reads. I was married before.  It lasted from 1990 to 2009.  I was 18 when we got married and he was 38.  He had two little boys that he had full custody of; we did not have children of our own.  It started off all well and good, and full of hope but it did not stay that way.  It was not a good marriage.  Or at least the last 10 years of it was not.  I know now, that for at least the last seven years of it my former spouse was cheating.  Before that he was just a controlling narcissistic bully.  I will call him