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Now I am a Miner's wife

Riddick is off, off to gold mine this summer in southern Oregon.  I'll be visiting him when my schedule permits.  This has been a dream of his since we were dating, to go back to gold dredging for a season. Riddick spent 4 months in 2008 dredging on the Klamath river, this time he's on the Rogue.  His time is limited I'm afraid.  Limited because of environmental laws and limited by  his own health and abilities. I'm not crazy about being alone for weeks at a time, two week intervals to be exact, however small that seems, it's tough.  At least this time my husband isn't going to Central America to bonk his whore, at least this time my husband is actually working and missing me. To be completely honest, completely, like way toooo honest, I love to put little slams on this blog, as I know he and she read it, and both of them are spineless and don't comment.  You know if someone implied that I was a whore, Riddick would comment lol oh I am funny