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The Goodmorning chicken wing

The one thing I don't have

Each day I try to remember to be happy and joyful in all my blessings, instead of thinking of the one thing that I don't have. Today I am skating towards payday with less in our checking account than I'm comfortable with.  I'm being stubborn and won't transfer funds from savings.  Reminding myself of all the things in my life that are lovely and joyful. My family, home, loving pets, flowers, chickens that just gave me 5 eggs, the hummingbird I cannot seem to get a good picture of, my guitar, the kindle app, my health, Riddick's health. Today my friends be joyful in all that you have, don't let the one thing you lack be the ruin of this day!

Films that remind me of my childhood

Star Wars, the first one, ofcourse.  It was very late May or June of 1977.  I remember that I had just had my birthday so it had to be after May 23.  I was five.  We were all waiting in line at the SouthGate theater on 99E.  My parents, myself and my older brother.  I can't tell you if there were other children there that we knew, that we had brought with us, because there were people everywhere.  I can remember waiting in a long line behind the ropes made of stuffed fabric that attach to the little metal doo dads.  Once we were finally seated I had the usual un controlled exceitiment waiting for the lights to dim.  That was the big signal. The overwhelming feeling of awe and suruprise when the Battle cruiser being chased by fighters filled the screen from over my head.  Coming from behind me and flying right over, it was amazing.  I can still remember how scared I was in the first scene of viewing Darth Vadar.  What movie do you remember?