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Testament to Love

It's 19 degrees here. Here is the Willamette Valley of Oregon, we know rain, and sometimes snow to the valley floor, but anything below 30 makes the news. Arg, it's cold, you know the wet cold, not dry sunny cold like in Utah, but wet, makes your feet hurt, cold. It's 3 days until our first anniversary, Riddick and I. A true testament to my love for him was this morning, at 5:45 am when I ventured out in the butt cold weather, struggled to unlock is ice cube of a car, and started it for him. BRRRR...really, he's bigger and is extremely talented in turning calories into heat, lots of heat, he's like a bald bear, not that I've hugged or slept with a bear, but I imagine that a bear would be warm like Riddick. Ok, so maybe warm like the tummy of Mrs. Maya, but still he's warm, and I'm cold, all the freaking time. But I did it, I did it out of love, that should get me really big points, somewhere, somtime.

Here's hoping

Here's hoping the Natalee Holloway's parents get some answers this week. The Dutch authorities are analyzing a jaw bone found on the beach, attempting to match DNA from Natalee. I hope and pray for her families' sake that this is the remains of their dear daughter. I remember clearly when she disappeared and as much as I would love for Natalee to be alive, I would not want her to have lived the past 5 years in a living hell on earth. God bless them, and us, all of us. PLYMI

Baconettepedia~part three

Like all good movies I have a part three to my list of inane facts about my own speech and thought patterns. Don't all good movies have sequels, can I get and amen for Beverly Hill Cop III???? Come on, I don't hear it, party poopers! Ok here's even more about my odd yet happy existence, most courtesy of Riddick: "gotta get the poison out" Riddick's statement when it's been more than 48 hours since we last had sex..charming, yet does make me giggle "I got mauled by Tiga" Riddick explaining his newly acquired stretch mark, due he says to my ability to make gravy. "hairy love child" our name for the famous Mrs. Maya "stinky mcgee" Mrs. Maya pre-bath "dusty Mcgee" Mrs. Maya post camping "yeep" Jeep "pregasaurus" grumpy pregnant lady, coined for my best Graybelle, when she was a grumpy pregnant lady, did not go over well

Let's play a game

Who is Amanda Knatchbull and what famous person did she receive a marriage proposal from? This is so much fun. I love history. Watching movies or TV with me is peppered with useless trivial points blurted out at any moment they fall off my brain and hit my tongue. My favorite way to watch a movie is with laptop or I-touch in hand, looking at for details on the movie, actors, trivia, filming locations and all that good stuff. I have no doubt it's probably sometimes a little tiny bit annoying, but Riddick loves me anyway and pretends to be interested in my tidbits. Ahhh the hidden benefits of being loved, someone who tolerates your idiosyncrasies and still wants to have sex with you!

There vs. Their

I never have difficulty using "there" or "their" correctly. Always remembering that "their" shows ownership (that's how I think of it) and "they're" is a combined "they" and "are" not showing ownership. But "break" and "brake" and "effect" and "affect", very different story. My writing looks like Jr. high sometimes when I get these all messed up. Mama tells me that now they don't even do sentence diagramming in school. Holy Cow Batman! How do they learn it than, what is correct word usage? I did diagramming and hated it, but did it well and look at me now..still screw it all up!

I woke up to his voice

I don't remember all of my dreams last night. I was very tired, working long hours, and slept hard. But I awoke this morning, before my alarm. I looked at the clock it was 2:52 AM. I woke to my Dad's voice, saying my name. I don't know if he was yelling it, looking for me, or if it was just the deepness of it that I haven't heard in so long. I still don't feel like my Dad is dead. Sometimes it feels like maybe it was all a big mistake. How selfish and sinful is that? I dare to question the timing that is given from above. I don't mean to be selfish or sinful, it's just how I feel. It's a good thing to hear his voice if even only in my dreams

Things that make me go hmmm...or grrr

Everyday I try and be the person God intended me to be. And everyday I feel like I am falling short, and failing as a person. Somethings in everyday life irritate me to no end, and I find myself getting upset about things that I should be able to ignore. It's easy for me to say that "I'm tired" or "I work long shifts" but really that doesn't mean I should be any less tolerant. I got annoyed today waiting in line at Walmart and having to listen to an ATM that verbalized every command. Stupid of me to be bothered by that. I should have taken the moment to pray, and put my mind somewhere else. Lord please guide me in my everyday thoughts, help me to be kind and remember that my thoughts influence my words and actions. Amen