Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Testament to Love

It's 19 degrees here. Here is the Willamette Valley of Oregon, we know rain, and sometimes snow to the valley floor, but anything below 30 makes the news. Arg, it's cold, you know the wet cold, not dry sunny cold like in Utah, but wet, makes your feet hurt, cold.

It's 3 days until our first anniversary, Riddick and I. A true testament to my love for him was this morning, at 5:45 am when I ventured out in the butt cold weather, struggled to unlock is ice cube of a car, and started it for him.

BRRRR...really, he's bigger and is extremely talented in turning calories into heat, lots of heat, he's like a bald bear, not that I've hugged or slept with a bear, but I imagine that a bear would be warm like Riddick. Ok, so maybe warm like the tummy of Mrs. Maya, but still he's warm, and I'm cold, all the freaking time.

But I did it, I did it out of love, that should get me really big points, somewhere, somtime.

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