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Protein Brownies Review

First of all I am not trying or wanting to be a blogger that is touting their idealistic lifestyle nor do I want to be an influencer.  I am just a person who likes to blog and share a small glimpse of my imperfect life.   I am saying all of that because I am posting unedited pictures of my cooking.  Most of my pictures are un-edited.  I crop to keep certain details out of pictures.  Like I cropped a couple of these photos so you cannot see the chipped countertop on the edge of my stove.  Come to think of it I shouldn't have cropped that.  I cannot be the only person who has a chipped countertop.  Oh well


I did some online shopping at Target.  I miss Target.  I mean I really really miss Target, it is one of my very favorite stores.  When we are not in a pandemic I love that I can order online and walk in a pick it up.  It keeps me from experiencing the bloated cart that comes from cruising Target aisles.

I wanted some baked goods but I did not want to waddle after the end of this lockdown.  I have tried Kodiak brand in pancakes so I gave this a try

As you can see, it may be unavailable right now, if you order online, at least where I am at.  But I think you can find it at other stores.  
I needed to use up some yogurt because I found I really do not like the tart cherry and Riddick likes his greek yogurt.  The box said you could substitute the half cup of yogurt for the melted butter.  This is full fat yogurt so I am not even sure there is a caloric savings

This is the first time I have used yogurt as a sub for anything in baking.  So I was a bit nervous of the texture but not the flavor; I figured cherry would either not be noticeable or pair nicely.  The directions said to hand mix until just mixed.  The batter is thick, it might be thinner if you used the melted butter instead.

The batter is grainier than a standard white flour based mix but blended nicely
Place the mix in a prepared 9x9 and bake as directed.  The baking time on the box indicated 22-24 minutes, at 24 minutes the middle was unset.  Yogurt is high moisture so I extended the baking time in 4 minute increments.  At 32 minutes the middle was set and the edges were not burned.
As you can see above I use a small knife to test my baking.  It is just habit I guess; I have plenty of toothpicks in a dispenser on the window sill but never remember.  After cooling a sliced them all in small squares.  The texture is that of a thick cookie.  The flavor is sweet but not that of a brownie.  I do not notice a cherry flavor but there are moist.
I think they will satisfy a sweet tooth craving and provide a small amount of energy.  They remind me more of a home made energy bar.  If you have littles you can definitely con them into believing this is a brownie.  And I can report they pair nicely with coffee. :-) 


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