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38 and still Freckled

Really, 38 years old and still freckles everywhere. I've always hated them. My mom used one on my forehead to part my hair by. In the summer they are darker, after I dive they are darker, I try and even them out with powder but it doesn't always work. And besides I don't really like to wear make-up and Riddick tries to tell me I don't need it. But I think he's just being nice.

Riddick the Ninja!

So I was at Walmart, looking around, trying to stick with my list, but failing as always. Dave Ramsey should have a "Walmart and Target" envelope, it would help me immensely. I saw this wonderful T-shirt, and knew I had to have it. I know that Riddick would love it. I got it extra big because for $5 at Walmart I knew it would shrink. I looked for one that would fit IronMan, but they only had big sizes. So I showed it to Riddick. And he made it all his own. With his sword from his dad's travels in China and a mask he wears for snowboarding.

Happy Diver!

Riddick and I met on E-harmony. Old story I know. After a week of emailing via the E-harmony site, with our personal information hidden, we started to email directly. He noticed my email was Divechica. Dive Girl! So within a week of he and I meeting in person he registered for a weekend class to learn to dive. Riddick has spent hundreds of hours under water on a hooka system mining. But he wasn't a certified diver. So he thought if he wanted to keep this divegirl he had just met he better get certified and dive with her. He is a Happy Diver! My Happy Diver!

Debt, hate it

Early this year Riddick and I took a Dave Ramsey class. Loved it! After being married to a man who was financially a hurricane, true story, they way he could spend was a force of nature, I am grateful that Riddick and I have the same views on finances. But I do have some debt leftover from my previous marriage. So our goal has been to tackle that debt and keep our life together free of debt and on a cash only basis. We work hard to stick to our budget, even though I think it's hard for Pinkie and Ironman to understand that at times. In general it's difficult for lots of people to understand what and why we do it. You know the whole "Live like no one else, so later you can live like No One else", is hard to explain to people who don't budget and have never faced the burden of debt. I feel rushed in grocery stores when I bust out my coupons and my cash from my envelope, as opposed to just swiping the debit card. But I pray for courage in all things I do, and t

The Kitchen House~Book review

The Kitchen House: A Novel, by Kathleen Grissom I have a interest is all things about the home front during the Civil War and WWII. Even historical fiction. Novels based around historical events and people. This story was one of loss and fear and a family that isn't your own from birth, but yours by bonds made through love. I enjoyed it. But it lacked more character development that I would have enjoyed. But than after I type that I realize that sometimes in fiction or real life, we don't always get to know why people do what they do, or are who they are.

I didn't know if I'd like it~Kindle

But I actually love it. Riddick bought me a Kindle. It was one of those moments that I'm not used to, when I mentioned that I would really like something, and he looked at me and said "ok I'll get you one" I never expect him to react that way, probably something about being married previously to someone who was selfish and greedy..hmm But anyway, I love, love, love my Kindle. I was afraid that I would miss the smell of a book, the feel of the pages, and the general idea of reading from a screen. I don't miss those things at all. In fact I like the screen. It is not back lit so there are no glare issues. You have to use a book light in low light, just like with regular books. I like that I can download free previews to books, that makes purchasing the right one easier. It does have 3G access and I can check me email or facebook, but I don't even do that with it. Simply because I am too busy reading it. I highly recommend one to anyone that loves reading

I'll call her Pinkie

Not because she likes pink, but as a reminder to me that even though my lovely, awesome step-daughter is very feminine, in the most wonderful strong way, she does not like pink. No te gusta on the pink! Pinkie likes green, and deep purple, and blue and black and all the other colors except for pink. I on the other hand like pink, but that's all good. We can like other things. I like her, lots. She impresses me and touches me more and more every time I see her. She cracks me up, sometimes frustrates me, but most of the time amazes me. Pinkies got a wonderful mom, so I'm just the standby. But what I get to do with her, I like to do with her. Lots of people have lots of things to say about teen girls. They are emotional, dramatic, stubborn..blah blah blah. I too am emotional, dramatic when I'm tired, stubborn when I have to be, the only difference is time and age have tempered it. I think I will remind myself and others of that whenever they say anything negative a

Lovely weekend

Busy but lovely. We had the kidlets this weekend. I look forward to those weekends very much. I get a little nervous too, wanting to make everyone happy, but mostly I'm excited. We three went grocery shopping without Riddick on Friday, before he got home from work. Oh boy had I forgotton what it was like to have kids in a store. My 13 yr old step-son, hmm what should I call him. In case somebody ever reads this I am protective and don't what mouth breathing freaks knowing him...lets call him Ironman. So Ironman basically is growing like a weed and would like to eat everything in sight. I turned him down on the eye-ball chocolates and the candy corn pumpkins. But I gave in on the Oreos, two different kinds. Thank god I'm not an Oreo fanatic. I confessed to both of them that I am however a Rice Crispie treat's like crack to me. That and those beef jerky sticks..oh Mary Joseph and the Shephards those are good!