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The Lost and found

We are dog sitting for Carlsina and her hub, their dog's name is Gretchen. Gretchen is shall we say a little "special". She's high strung, yes that's what we will call it, "highstrung" Well Gretchen escaped, more like bolted after she ate a board in the fence, she was off and running. She has been missing for 3 days. 3 days that I have spent worried, and in a funk. Even though it wasn't my fault, I felt very responsible. Responsible because I know that she is a loved pet, and if Maya went missing I would be utterly devastated. WE looked all over Vancouver, to no avail. I called the Humane Society who instructed me that no dog fitting her description had been dropped off. Today I went to the Humane society to look for myself. Gretchen was not there. But they did give me the number of someone who said they had found a "English Pointer"...well Gretchen is a "German Shorthair Pointer" so it was feasable it was her. I ca

One year ago..

I was staying at my friend's house..A&R, recovering from life's blow, making plans, being safe. They have a wonderful home. Big and airy, yet very comfy. I was ensconced in their upstairs room, staring at their beautiful slat pine ceiling. I love that ceiling, it is truly unique and beautiful. Last night, as Riddick and I are house sitting for A&R, he commented on the ceiling. And as we lay there together staring at the ceiling, I started to cry. Out of clear and complete happiness. You never know when your life can change, it's often scary, sometimes messy, but in the end, can be so much better. LLYMI (Love like you mean it)


My former husband had a heart attack this morning. He had Angioplasty done to place a stent. He is expected to recover, albet with some lifestyle changes needed for his survival. When I think of him, it feels as if some man I know at work, or at church has had this happen. I am disconnected from my former life. But I do wish him well. Not everyone gets a second wake up call, and I hope he takes this first and probably last seriously and makes his life what it should be. He doesn't have me to care for him, he is on his own, and that is his doing. We all reep what we sow, but it doesnt' mean it doesn't bite when we realize it. Oh well, we are going camping. Love like you mean it, pray like you mean it, live like you mean it, every day.

Just a goodwill reminder

I love to shop at Goodwill. It's hit or miss, sometimes I find stuff, sometimes I don't, but I still have fun. I like vintage clothes, old coats, jeans, anything but unerwear. Often some of the employees of the store are special needs. Working, making their way in our world, but by birth, or by injury or illness have a little rougher time of it than the rest of us. I always remember that basically it's "there but for the grace of god go I". Acutally, that applies to all of us. Yesterday a man was snotty and rude to the person taking care of the dressing rooms. The young man working there was explaining that you can't set your items outside of the door, for safety reasons. So he offered to get the man a cart. The man was a jerk, talking loud, making rude faces. I wanted to say something, but lacked the courage. By the time I got to my car I was crying. It wasn't pretty and it disgusted me. Disgusted at his behaviour but at my own for being

It's all too much right now

The news is just too much right now. Too much pain for me. I read the news online every morning. CNN, Foxnews, NYtimes, Oregonlive and Canbyherald. I figure if I read both left and right media I might get part of the clear picture. Missing person cases and especially women and children missing or murdered always stay with me. But this week with the searching for little Kyron, following a lead to the whereabouts of Stacy Peterson's body, and the arrest of Van der's really just been too much. Is that really what our world is about? Victimizing others. Destroying lives. It doesn't just destroy the victim, it's their whole family, their freinds, all of them. If AS's children were harmed, or my step-children, or my neighbor girl..I could not rest. Riddick would want blood, and I couldn't blame him. I pray everyday for the people on my list, but I also pray for our world, that we aren't drug down into the pit of sin and hate God bless

While I'm reading a book

And I learn that it's being made into a movie I love to look at (Internet Movie Database) and see who is playing who. I'm finishing up Elizabeth Gilber's "Eat Pray Love" and it's a wonderful book. I laughed out loud several times and can really relate some of my divorce feelings with hers. So being the nerd that I am, I looked up the movie details. And now as I finish the book I will be able to imagine the actors while I read. I'm sure that sounds utterly silly to other people who may not be as nerdily gifted as me. I also like to watch movies while looking of trivia about the movie, actors, locations and all that. Oh, and I blab those details out to others. While watching "Step Brothers" I told Riddick that the fake testicles that Will Ferrell uses cost $20,000. Upon hearing that Riddick offered that for $20,000 he would have rubbed his own nuts all over the drum set....