Thursday, June 17, 2010


My former husband had a heart attack this morning. He had Angioplasty done to place a stent. He is expected to recover, albet with some lifestyle changes needed for his survival.

When I think of him, it feels as if some man I know at work, or at church has had this happen. I am disconnected from my former life. But I do wish him well.

Not everyone gets a second wake up call, and I hope he takes this first and probably last seriously and makes his life what it should be.

He doesn't have me to care for him, he is on his own, and that is his doing. We all reep what we sow, but it doesnt' mean it doesn't bite when we realize it.

Oh well, we are going camping.

Love like you mean it, pray like you mean it, live like you mean it, every day.

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