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Frenemy perhaps

My parents had a next door neighbor when I was in high school.  Her name was , lets call her Chris.  I'm sure I bugged the hell out of her.  She had no children of her own and I saw her as a cool chick who I wanted to emulate.  As I've gotten older I have a similar relationship with some girls that could be my daughter age wise, and remind myself how delicate their little egos and persons are. Chris helped me in many ways.  She helped me cope with my mom's illness and death, she taught me new ideas and gave me a safe haven.  After her divorce, my mom's death, and my marriage we continued to stay in each other's lives. What ended it all was a long New Years Eve of drinking in the mid 90's.  She came over to my home.  It was just her and I and Tim.  She brought her own bottle of rum and daiquiri mix, I was drinking rum and coke with Tim.  We basically got smashed.  And with each drink refill Tim and her became more and more chummy.  I remember at one point cr

Ahh November, lets all be thanfkful

Today, November 1st, I am grateful for opposable thumbs. Lets be honest without opposable thumbs we humans would be screwed.  We share opposable digits with other primates as well as the Giant Panda and some other animals.  But by far we have done more with our opposable thumbs than the monkeys and the pandas have. Because of this wonderful anatomical digital detail I can put my thumb in my nose, your nose, the dogs eye and probably my own butt, but I have never put my thumb in anybody's butt.  Just a little information for future reference....bacongal is not butt thumber!

Peanut Butter bastard

Last week I received a out of the blue yet welcome email from Prissy, stating she would be in town for Missy's Phd defense and would love to get together.  She, now living in a land locked state that I won't name, except it's popular with Mormons, decided we would meet in Newport. Riddick and I had limited time, like as in 30 hours...but we were excited for the time we had with her. We all walked and talked, met her new love...all was good.  On our way home I wanted to get some peanut butter taffy, because I love peanut butter taffy. Now, 27 pieces of taffy later, I can't poop to save my life.  I feel like I have a taffy demon lodged in my bum and oh it's not fun. I will not post pics, but send me some cleansing thoughts so I can release the demon

Now I am a Miner's wife

Riddick is off, off to gold mine this summer in southern Oregon.  I'll be visiting him when my schedule permits.  This has been a dream of his since we were dating, to go back to gold dredging for a season. Riddick spent 4 months in 2008 dredging on the Klamath river, this time he's on the Rogue.  His time is limited I'm afraid.  Limited because of environmental laws and limited by  his own health and abilities. I'm not crazy about being alone for weeks at a time, two week intervals to be exact, however small that seems, it's tough.  At least this time my husband isn't going to Central America to bonk his whore, at least this time my husband is actually working and missing me. To be completely honest, completely, like way toooo honest, I love to put little slams on this blog, as I know he and she read it, and both of them are spineless and don't comment.  You know if someone implied that I was a whore, Riddick would comment lol oh I am funny

Honesty..give it, get it, shut up about it

We all are taught, or at least I hope everyone was, to tell the truth.  It's a great time saver.  As someone who is very busy I don't have time or tolerance for bullshit.  So I tell the truth, and I appreciate it when people do the same to me, in fact I appreciate it so much that I tend to cut liars out of my life completely and they end of standing around wondering what the hell happened..."where did Janice go" Ha!

We love the same people

But that doesn't make us friends.  My open hearted kindness often leads folks that don't know me too well to think that perhaps I'm weak or easily controlled. That is a huge error in judge ment.    One of my personal ethics is to do my best to go through this beautiful life doing the best that I can and causing as little pain as possible.  That doesn't mean I'm just a smile and silence and a source for money.  I have feelings, opinions, flaws, fears, oddities just like anybody else.  It's painful to realize in the course of everyday life that there are people that you share loved ones with, that should be, but will never be your friends.  In fact they are a bigger source of discomfort for the simple reason that they do love some of the same people and therefore have access to your heart. So all I can do, is all I can do, which is continue to do my best to love like I mean it, live like I mean it, and pray like I mean it, for my own guidance and for blessin

All that I am

I am smart, funny, insecure, loyal, short, groovy, irritating, spoiled, employed, kind, logical, cheap, focused, distracted, difficult, easy going, insightful, forgiving, honest. I am not mean, deceitful, vengeful, skinny, secure, shaken, hated, envied, errant. The first list makes me sound like a Labrador Retriever, actually the second list does too.

Just too short.....

Life is just too damm short to wear uncomfortable shoes that leave my hoofs looking like this   So I tossed those shoes in the garbage and moved on with life!