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So not a Ree bot

I finally watched "The Pioneer Woman" on the Food network. Loved it. Yes I said loved it. Ree looked normal on TV. Not overly made up. Not covergirl perfect. Her husband, her kids, they all look like I would expect people to look walking down a street. Ree has back fat, so do I, so do most women. She wears flowy shirts, I do not. I've got a D cup and the flowy thing doesn't work for me. I don't collect china, but I collect bells.. Yes she and her husband remodled their lodge. Much like millions of people do every year, remodle their properties. When you are multi generational land owners you probably don't have mortgages. So they invested in their own properties. I don't care if it was done with the idea of making it a studio. That's even better, I wouldn't want cameras in my own home, maybe they don't either. My intuition tells me that at some time Ree felt isolated, raising four kids, even with money, in the boon


Bacon life, or better yet life with a Bacon..did I ever tell you that men love my last name. Not so much women. There's just something about the name that reminds them of salty meaty goodness that makes them comment..but back to our program. This is Riddick and I last night: Bacongal: "honey why is there a knife and salt shaker on the table by your recliner" Riddick: "I was attached by slugs" Ok, we live in the NW, which does have slugs, but not when it's 27 degrees outside. The true story. He was eating potato salad (salt) and adding some of my home made pickles (knife) in his recliner.

Out of his head

Oh know Mr. Gingerman's head melted off. Good thing the wick wasn't on the other end.

I'm calling a fashion bullshit!

I'm not short. I'm not tall either. I'm exactly the right height for me. That height is 65 inches, just shy of 5.5 feet tall. My dear friend Carlsinna is tall, thin, willowy, all those things. We compare ourselves to our dogs. Her dog Gretchen, is skinny, mine, Mrs. Maya is "ahem" curvy. aka...curvy bitch and skinny bitch She and I have discussed in the past our various complaints with fashion. Her's with jeans being too stretchy and too short, mine, well I don't like the stretchy thing either, but jeans are too long for me. And petite sizes are way low rise or old lady. My complaint that I'm focused on today is activewear. When I complain about running tights and shirts being way long in the leg, arm and torso..Carlsinna points out that natural runners are built like her, long and lean. Whatever, I run, just not really fast, but I can grind through the miles. But I grudgingly accept her explanation because it's logical. But yoga