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I am a gum eater

Not my own pink gums that hold my teeth in my mouth, but the kind you buy.  I chew gum until the flavor is gone and than I spit it out and get another piece.  I don't swallow it because one time when I was no more than 7 years old I heard that gum takes 10 years to come out of your digestive track, and well since I'm very sensative to when and how often I go number two, I don't want that to happen. Double bubble is my gum of choice for sitting at home, watching tv, reading, whatever.  I even like the mixture of flavors when I have drank a beer while chewing, very interesting indeed Chiclets, peppermint white flavor, is what I prefer at work.  The combination of chewing a new piece and drinknig water is very refreshing and does wonders for waking me up. Right this moment it's Orbit..spearmint.  So far so good, but don't try it with diet Coke.