Monday, October 4, 2010

Lovely weekend

Busy but lovely. We had the kidlets this weekend. I look forward to those weekends very much. I get a little nervous too, wanting to make everyone happy, but mostly I'm excited.

We three went grocery shopping without Riddick on Friday, before he got home from work. Oh boy had I forgotton what it was like to have kids in a store. My 13 yr old step-son, hmm what should I call him. In case somebody ever reads this I am protective and don't what mouth breathing freaks knowing him...lets call him Ironman.

So Ironman basically is growing like a weed and would like to eat everything in sight. I turned him down on the eye-ball chocolates and the candy corn pumpkins. But I gave in on the Oreos, two different kinds. Thank god I'm not an Oreo fanatic.

I confessed to both of them that I am however a Rice Crispie treat's like crack to me. That and those beef jerky sticks..oh Mary Joseph and the Shephards those are good!

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