Friday, November 12, 2010

Baconettepedia~part three

Like all good movies I have a part three to my list of inane facts about my own speech and thought patterns. Don't all good movies have sequels, can I get and amen for Beverly Hill Cop III???? Come on, I don't hear it, party poopers!

Ok here's even more about my odd yet happy existence, most courtesy of Riddick:

"gotta get the poison out" Riddick's statement when it's been more than 48 hours since we last had sex..charming, yet does make me giggle

"I got mauled by Tiga" Riddick explaining his newly acquired stretch mark, due he says to my ability to make gravy.

"hairy love child" our name for the famous Mrs. Maya

"stinky mcgee" Mrs. Maya pre-bath

"dusty Mcgee" Mrs. Maya post camping

"yeep" Jeep

"pregasaurus" grumpy pregnant lady, coined for my best Graybelle, when she was a grumpy pregnant lady, did not go over well

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