Saturday, April 3, 2010

The start of our Gold Mining trip, March 2010

I worked all night, getting off work at 5:30 AM. Home, Riddick (he doesn't like "Shrek" so from here on, he's Riddick, an ode to one of his fav movies) had us all packed up and away we went. I crashed and slept a few hours somewhere south of Albany. When I awoke, we were nearing Grants Pass!

Needed to make a quick stop at the mining store, and at Denny's, we needed lunch after all.

Doesn't the Rogue look like a yuppie cross with the Clampett's? I was very proud of my little Nissan..quite the camping trooper

And next we were back in the car..on our way to Happy Camp, California..which by the way is a hub of big foot sightings!

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