Monday, September 27, 2010

She was the bravest person I have ever known

My mom thought that she would beat the cancer. She thought that I believe until she go so ill that she couldn't think.

This picture was taken March of 1987, she died September 28th of 1988.

I know that she believed she was cured the summer of 1988. She had beat it. The cancer was gone. I remember June of 1988 I was in a student leadership conference and she helped me plan what I would do for my project.
Mom got really sick in July. Crying out in pain the beginning of September.

The end was actually very quick. Quick for us, but for her I'm sure it wasn't so quick for her.

I do not know why she had to die. It's one of the questions I would like to ask Jesus. But I know that she was brave. I know that she was stong. And I know that my life is different because she is gone.

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