Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A List

I like malt balls (whoppers) but can't stand Malted milkshakes..barf!

Given a choice between an Ipad or a new mtn. bike...I choose the bike.

Absolute Pepper makes the worlds best Bloody Mary

Chicken strips, good ones, are a serious weakness..I can look a donut in the eye and turn it down, but a good seasoned all white chicken strip...oh baby, now we are talking.

My tolerance for eating shit from people has fallen to next to zero, I wasn't big on it before, but now, well now I have no issues writing you out of my life.

I pre-cook bacon pounds at a time so when I want to use it, it's much quicker to crisp up without getting over cooked.

My dog is much smarter and better behaved than your freaking honor student, I should probably put a sticker on my car.

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