Monday, May 16, 2011

What my birthday list says about me

I jotted some ideas down for Riddick, ideas for birthday gifts for ME!
It's a very basic list, here it comes.

~Anti-gravity lawn chair

~Epiphone Limited Edition Hummingbird Artist Acoustic Guitar

~Wrist and knee pads for my rollerblading

~running socks, cushioned toe, not super low profile

My explanations:

Anti-gravity lawn chair, really do I need to explain this? I want to be comfy in my yard or on a camping trip.

Oh my gosh, the guitar is a thing to behold. I love and appreciate my Dad's guitar that I've been strumming on, but I want one of my own, and the slim line neck is wonderful for my short stubby fingers.

Wrist and knee pads, trust me they are needed, I am the one who nearly severed a tendon in my leg with an axe when I hit a toilet

Socks, my toes hurt sometimes after a run, like they do after a day in scuba flippers. And not super low profile because if my socks start to slip down my heel and want to harm myself and others.

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