Friday, May 14, 2010

I Really did this

In 1987 when I was 15 years old my mom was already ill with the cancerous brain tumor that would kill her a year later.

But that summer, she and we, thought she had beat the cancer. The doctors had shrunk the tumor and it seemed to be beat. It would come back in full force by winter.

Summer though; we all thought she was on the mend. Mom drove my friend and me to Thriftway to get some groceries. And for reasons I cannot explain, I chose to imitate a severely retarded person and chase her down the cereal isle. Yelling...

"Mama I want some Captain Crunch"

Yelling in a horrible fake mongoloidian voice and dragging my foot, with arms at a spastic angle.

My friend was laughing hysterically. We were in a small town grocery store. Everybody knew us. Knew I wasn't retarded, and pitied my mom that she was being chased by her crazy teenage daughter.

Mom turned around and slapped one of my hands down, not hard, telling me to be quiet. Instead I yelled more.

"Mama don't hit me Mama" "Don't hit me"

And than doubled over laughing at my clever self.

We were in the car and nearly home before she started to laugh, but than she did, we three did, until tears were flowing.

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