Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thoughts on another blog

So I was reading this blog...all about Nia's thoughts on what her Mother's days were like before she adopted her daughter. It's funny, and appropriate...and a little sad.

I didn't have her same experience, but I am childless, not by my own choice.

Mother's day is very hard for me. My hope is that this year it won't be so bad. After all I am back in touch with my biological mom, and I have my step-mom (just because dad is gone, she is not!), and I do have my lovely mom-in-law, all ladies I love.

But I miss my mom on Mother's day. And I miss that I am not a mom on Mother's day.

Being a step parent isn't the same. I've done the step parent thing two different ways now. The first, I was the full time parent, 26 days every month, now I'm the part time one.

But regardless, you aren't the mother. It would be an insult to their mothers, and the kids, if you didn't recognize that fact. In fact, embrace that fact.

Mother's day is about all the other ladies, not me. So it's a day I have to pony up with some big ego generosity and alot of humor, to make it a special day for all the mom's out there, and not a pity party for me.

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