Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Rats Exposed!

I yelled that once. Not really yelled, more like exclaimed it loudly and with panic. Panic caused by the fear of projectile vomit coming out all over me and everyone else at the table.

I was on Roatan, with two friends, Missy and Prissy. We had been "dolphin trainers for a day" and had chosen to buy the cheap lunch with the locals. We were told they had only two plates of fish left and than the conejo. Conejo is spanish for "rabbit". So I made the sacrifce and let the twins have the fish. It's not my favorite meat, but I figured what the heck..when in rome...

All was good until the american dolphin trainer walked by and was kind enough to tell me that "conejo" wasn't the "rabbit" I was thinking of. She said the magic word.."Watusa"

Abruptly a plate with rice and fried plantain appear with a dark sweet smelling meat...Watusa.

That's when the yelling came in and the controlled gag reflex

fyi....Watusa is a damm rodent, a tree rat, a nutria crossed with a rat, nasty, did I say rodent..


  1. I am in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica right now at my place (I own a small hotel) and we just got a few of these living under one of our units... that's how I came across your pic. We have just a few now... but if there start to be more I'm going to have to find a way to get rid of them quick! Although harmless, they don't appear to be afraid of humans! We were told by our desk clerk that the "mother" ate all the sons.

  2. Hi Christopher, Thanks for the comment. They reminded me of the Nutria we have here in the northwest (Oregon to be specific) but different. Good luck in getting rid of them. Do they have traps you could use?